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Boledu, founded in 2018, means "source" in the local language and combines over 12 years of experience in coffee from both Abyote Ageze and Mebrahtu Aynalem. Boledu was among the best-ranked producers on Ethiopia's first Cup of Excellence in 2020 with lot processed in the same way as this one. They ranked 21 with a coffee with notes of "cola, cherry, pomegranate, strawberry, cinnamon, pineapple, strong cinnamon sour, fruity, dry fruits, chocolate, mango and cocoa nibs' '. Mebrahtu calls the processing of this lot "winey" or "Tej" in reference to the Ethiopian honey winey. 


Coffee cherries are first placed in tanks of water, with floaters removed. After the initial sorting, the cherries are placed in tanks for 4-5 days to start the fermentation process. This is also where the anaerobic process happens. The cherries are left on the coffee seed during this process, making it a natural anaerobic. After 4-5 days sealed in tanks, the cherries are then placed on raised beds to dry. The cherries are regularly rotated and further visible defects removed during the whole drying process, leaving behind only the best cherries. This style of fermentation requires a lot of attention, both in the tanks as well as on the drying beds, as the bacteria involved can be quite volatile. The result is a clean cup with a lot of really funky interesting flavours. All giving this experimental coffee it’s raspberry, lime and tropical fruit notes.

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